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Aug 18, 2013 at 11:55pm IST

Mumbai: Former editor and millionaire found living on footpath

Mumbai: Sunita Naik might look like a beggar today but once she owned two flats in Mumbai's posh Worli and rode in chauffeur driven cars. She is well educated and speaks five languages. Sunita was the editor of Grihalaxmi magazine, a famous Mumbai weekly. After she retired in 2007, she sold her flats in Worli and settled in Thane. That's when her descent to poverty began.

"I used to get food delivered from the Taj once and I am here now. Had never thought this would happen," Sunita said.

Sunita's finances were handled by a former associate whose number she no longer has. She is mystified as to how her bank balance became zero and says only her associate could answer this question. What was left, was drained by her failing health. Sunita eventually gave up her residence at Thane hoping to take up a rented house in Versova to continue her treatment for kidney stones but with astronomical rents Sunita found that all she could afford was the footpath. She has now taken shelter in a Gurudwara.

"Many people come here and take shelter. She has been staying here for some time. I had offered to take her to the women's cell and get her help but she refused," Gurudwara trust member Balbir Singh.

Sunita says she still has the ability to earn a living, all she needs is a little help.