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Sep 26, 2007 at 08:48pm IST

Mumbai gives T20 heroes a vigorous welcome

Mumbai: It was as close as Mumbai could get to D-day. Dhoni and his men returned with the Twenty20 World Cup at the Chhatrapaji Shivaji international airport on Wednesday morning.

Hundreds of fans gathered to cheer them. Young Shweta bunked school and braved a crowd of hundreds to catch a glimpse of her Twenty20 heroes.

“Yuvraj is a great player. He hit six sixes in that match!” says Shweta.

Be it the incessant rain or unending traffic due to the colourful cricket carnival, nothing could deter the Mumbaikar's celebratory spirit on Wednesday.

Crowds lined the roads all the way from the airport to the Wankhede stadium. And busses filled with cricket fans were visible everywhere.

People came out with umbrellas, peered from windows and perched on walls just to cheer the champions who came home.

And for that matter, even the office goers did not mind reaching office a couple of hours later.

So the Mumbaikar set aside his daily concerns and simply had a ball, along with the new World Champions.

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