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Aug 11, 2012 at 11:34am IST

Mumbai lawyer murder: How it happened

Mumbai: The bloodstains on the 16th floor of the Himalayan Heights building tell the story of how 25-year-old lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha made desperate attempts to get help, while she was being savagely attacked. Sajjad Ahmed, the guard at the building in Mumbai's suburb of Wadala was arrested and he has allegedly confessed to killing Pallavi.

Joing Commissioner of Police, Crime, Mumbai Himanshu Roy said, "The motive is perversion, henios perversion. This is a cold blooded pre-meditated murder."

Pallavi, a legal advisor with a film production company, lived with her lawyer boyfriend Avik Senngupta in this building. The Mumbai crime branch pieced togther the sequence of events leading up to her brutal killing.

Sajjad Ahmed , 22 years of age, is a resident of Baramulla. They say the attack was premeditate and planned.

On Wednesday night Sajjad, knowing that Pallavi's boyfriend wasn't home, disconnected the power supply to her apartment. Pallavi then called the electrician for assistance.

Sajjad accompanied the electrician to her house. Once the supply was restored the two left. Sajjad then cut the power connection again, this time too, he accompanied the electrician. He then stole the keys to the apartment that were lying on the table.

Later that night, he used the keys to enter the apartment, Sajjad attempted to molest Pallavi. The young lawyer, fought back.

In the struggle that ensued, Pallavi made an attempt to ring the neighbour's doorbell. But help wasn't to come.

Sajjad then slit her throat with a kitchen knife.

The building is possibly as safe as a place can be - there are CCTVs on each floor, a posse of security guards keep a vigil and document those going in and out, even so. Police say the CCTVs were non-functional but more importantly the callousness shown in checking the background.

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