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Aug 10, 2012 at 10:22pm IST

Lawyer murdered after guard's rape attempt failed

Mumbai: Joint commissioner of Mumbai police (crime) Himanshu Roy on Friday said that 25-year-old woman lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha who was found dead in her Mumbai flat on Thursday, was killed by her building guard Sajjad Pathan, calling it was an act of perversion.

"It was an act of perversion. Robbery does not seem to be the motive. This was a cold blooded murder. Accused seemed to be planning the murder for quite some time," Roy told reporters.

Giving a sequence of events which might have happened after the killing, he said, "Accused fled from the scene after hiding the knife under a shoe rack. The private security agency which had deployed security guards also showed carelessness. He was finally picked up near Mumbai central railway station."

He said that there were four CCTV cameras in the building but were not working.

The police said that the security guard, Sajjad Pathan, first attempted to rape the victim. When she resisted, he hit her with a blunt object before slitting her throat with a knife when she tried to ring her neighbour's doorbell for help.

The police also suspect that Pathan tinkered with electric supply to get entry into the victim's house. The security guard of the apartment building where she lived has been arrested after he confessed to the murder.

Sajjad Pathan was caught at Mumbai Railway station when he was trying to flee the city. He reportedly confessed to police that he killed Pallavi simply because she had yelled at him a few days back.

Pathan said he decided to attack her at night as he knew she was alone. Pathan reportedly told police, "Pallavi had shouted at me a few days earlier. I was in a state of rage and wanted revenge. I attacked her as I knew she would be alone at home that night."

Pallavi Purkayastha (25) was found in a pool of blood on Thursday morning at her rented flat in 'Himalayan Heights' building at Wadala by her live-in partner Avik Sengupta (26), also a lawyer.

Pallavi, the daughter of IAS officer Atanu Purkayastha, who is posted as joint secretary in Ministry of Agriculture in New Delhi, was working as a legal advisor with filmmaker Farhan Akhtar's firm Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd.