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Sep 08, 2011 at 09:24am IST

Mumbai terror attack: no lessons learnt?

Mumbai: Moments after the blast outside the Delhi High Court on Wednesday, Mumbai which has several times been the target of terror - the most recent being the serial blasts on July 13 this year - went on a high alert.

Mumbai Commissioner of Police Arup Patnaik said, "We've tightened up security levels. I went to high court and various courts and reviewed positions. We have increased security, more frisking is taking place. All officers are on the road."

CNN-IBN revisited the targets of the July 13 terror attacks for a status check on the security put in place.

At the spot at Opera House which saw maximum casualties during the serial blasts, local traders say that things have improved, for example, hawkers have been removed from the area, CCTV cameras have been installed and vehicles are not allowed to be parked in the vicinty.

"Earlier vehicles would be parked here, but after the blasts they are not allowed to do so. There is an increase in security in the area," said the brother of an Opera House victim.

However, many feel more needs to be done to keep the area secure.

A diamond trader siad, "Security is there but not as much as a diamond hub like this should have."

At Zaveri Bazaar, another target of th 13/7 blasts, parking has been banned at the spot where the bomb was planted. Hawkers have been removed and CCTVs installed, but locals complain of a lack of police presence.

A local trader said, "There is only one police present here. Apart from that they come every 2-3 hours for a round. There is no checking. Scooters are not checked at all."

For an already stretched police force which has deployed its full resources for the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, this latest terror strike has literally put it on tenterhooks.

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