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Nov 30, 2012 at 02:09pm IST

Mumbai: Two SpiceJet pilots argue mid-air over who should land first

Mumbai: Putting the safety of around 160 passengers at risk, two SpiceJet pilots allegedly got into a verbal fight over who should land first, sources in Mumbai said. The incident had occurred on Wednesday at around 7 pm when the Indore ATC cleared the Delhi-Indore flight of SpiceJet for landing. Around the same time, the airline's flight SG 1053 Hyderabad-Indore was also on the approach but was to land after the Delhi flight.

"However, the pilot of the flight from Delhi contacted the ATC, saying the Hyderabad flight pilot was arguing with him over landing. In the process, the two aircraft came at a distance of 3,100 feet though they were in the required vertical separation limit," sources added.

There were around 160 passengers onboard at the time. SpiceJet spokesperson was not available for comment.

2 SpiceJet pilots argue over who should land first

In the process the two aircraft, with 160 passengers onboard, came at a distance of 3,100 feet.

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