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Nov 08, 2010 at 09:54am IST

Muslims hopeful ahead of Obama's India visit

New Delhi: As India gears up for the upcoming visit by US President Barack Obama, there is a growing sense of anticipation among the Muslims in the country.

Sirajuddin Qureshi is a Delhi-based businessman who met President Obama during an entrepreneur summit in April this year.

Qureshi, who was invited by the Obama administration to discuss the plight of Muslims around the world, believes Obama is trying his best to reach out to Muslims globally and that Muslims lack leadership.

“America is there to help you...you can open training centres, institutions schools colleges,” Qureshi said.

“Your contribution has to be there. You should…tell people how you have come up and how they should come up,” the entrepreneur said.

Qureshi and others have set up an organisation based on Obama's ideas and forwarded a request to meet him when he is in Delhi.

“When Obama comes we will have a good dialogue. We will demand things from him saying - sir you promised these things now its time to get it implemented,” he said.

There has been no response from the White House so far given the protocol and security surrounding such a high level visit.

But Qureshi is realistic about his chances.