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Oct 25, 2007 at 09:30pm IST

Muslims oppose SC's order on marriage registration

New Delhi: The judiciary is all set to clean up the mess that marriages often lead to. The Supreme Court has ruled that all marriages must now be registered, no exceptions for any religion. But it’s a decision, which has ruffled a few feathers.

Marriages may be made in heaven but they will have to be registered right here on earth says the Supreme Court and your religion does not matter.

The court has also asked states to notify the procedure for registration of marriage as well as appoint an officer to register all marriages in that state.

Lawyer Wasim Qadri says, “There is problem in society that people have denied their marriages when in litigation.”

The court took up this matter expressing concern that certain unscrupulous elements were taking advantage of women who had not registered their marriages. The court's worry is not unfounded.

Delhi which sees over 50,000 weddings a year hardly 1500 marriages are registered, which means just three per cent of the total.

But it seems all is not well with this latest judgment. The all India Muslim personal law board (AIMPLB) is already up in arms against the court's directive.

AIMPLB Member Kahlid Rashid says, “We think they should not be made compulsory because they are a religious affair as far as Muslim personal law is concerned and to say that marriages not registered are null and void is against the very concept of Muslim personal law. Our appeal to the honorary court to the state and central government the registration should not be made compulsory.”

In spite of registration being a simple process the vast majority of Indians choose not to register their marriage often leading to unhappy endings but the court's ruling if followed could prevent social evils like child marriages or bigamy.

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