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Sep 18, 2013 at 07:48pm IST

Muzaffarnagar riots: 13 babies born at refugee camp, but no medical help for them

Ghaziabad: The political leaders are trying to gain political mileage from Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh. More than 40 people losat their lives and over thousands were displaced. In the last eight days, 13 babies have been born at the refugee camp for riot victims, but there is no medical help reaching them.

One of the 13 babies born in the refugee camp for riot victims from Muzaffarnagar - the Zeenat-Ul Islamia Madrasa near Ghaziabad. Due to lack of medical help, three women have miscarried.

One of the mothers says, "We do not have any support. Don't know what to do. God will think about him."

According to the refugees, the government centres don't have enough facilities and they can't afford private clinics.

Another woman says, "Doctor told us to go to a hospital. But we do not have money."

The bigger problem now is look after mothers and their newborn babies. While there is provision for food for the 6,000 refugees at the Madarsa mostly women and children, there isn't enough nutrition or care for the new mothers and the babies. One of the new born babies has already caught an infection.

Mohd Saleem, Madrasa organiser, said, "Infections is spreading. Authorities are coming regularly, listening to us but not doing anything. We need to provide shelter, toilets, water supply to them."

In spite of these conditions, the refugees do not want to go back home. The remarks come even after the Uttar Pradesh government has promised rehabilitation for the riot victims. "Safety as well financial help will be provided to the families," said Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

For the babies in this camp, the promised help is yet to reach them.