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Jan 15, 2014 at 10:24am IST

Muzaffarnagar riots: Four months on, no rape accused arrested

Muzaffarnagar: Four months after six women came forward and registered cases of rape, none of the accused have been arrested till date. The Special Investigation Team handling these cases has asked the police to nab 22 accused, some of whom were roaming freely when CNN-IBN team traveled to Phugana village in Muzaffarnagar last week.

"They looted everything, they took away our belongings and burnt the place down", said one of the rape victims.

Two women- 25 and 30 years old - are among the six who have registered cases of rape in the Muzaffarnagar riots. They can clearly name and identify the accused.

"They were our neighbours, four of them. Rahul, Mohit, all four raped me," said a victim.

"Two stood out, and two came inside. They raped me, one by one. They were telling each other, hurry up, the police will come," she added.

The police station is barely a kilometre away but no arrests have yet been made. Accused in cases of arson, violence, murder and even rape all the accused roam free even as the victims have gone through many rounds of questioning and tests.

"The Muzaffarnagar police is partial towards Jats," says one of the victims.

The police insensitivity could well be understood by the victims' testimony. She says, "They asked me what was I wearing, where were my clothes torn, where did they rape me ? Who is the witness to the rape ? How will I get a witness?"

Four months after the incident-life has been restricted to doles. Only charred remains are what exist of their home in Phugana. The tragic reality exposes Uttar Pradesh government's claims that Muzaffaranagar villages are safe for victims to return.

"I'll die but I'll never go back," said one of the victims.