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Sep 19, 2013 at 11:17pm IST

Muzaffarnagar riots: Has Akhilesh Yadav government disappointed the bureaucracy?

Muzaffarnagar: Another setback for Uttar Pradesh Chief Minster Akhilesh Yadav as the Supreme Court on Thursday said that all cases related to Muzaffarnagar riots pending in the Allahabad High Court should be transferred to the apex court. The UP administration has failed to arrest 16 politicians alleged in stoking the violence, against whom non-bailable warrants were issued 24 hours before.

From suspension of IAS Durga Shakti Nagpal to a disillusioned ADG Arun Kumar, the bureaucracy and the IPS force have clearly given a thumbs down to Akhilesh Yadav.

Busy in managing the aftermath of Muzaffarnagar, Arun Kumar has chosen to go on a leave. However, CNN-IBN has learnt that he has written to the Centre asking to be recalled from Uttar Pradesh but the ruling Samajwadi Party is unwilling to see the writing on the wall.

"There are 22 ADG in Uttar Pradesh, one can go on leave," SP leaders Ram Gopal said.

The immediate provocation for Arun Kumar appears to be Akhilesh's refusal to arrest 16 top UP politicians, who all are accused of having played roles to stoke communal fires in Muzzafarnagar.

BJP leaders Sangeet Som and Hukum Singh, against whom non-bailable warrants have been issued are roaming freely. It's an evidence of the SP's predicament. Where else one would see that a non bailable warrant has been issued against individuals but no one arrest has been made. This is now a test of Akhilesh's credibility and also a test of his ability to remain as a Chief Minister.

"I have never seen such an immature CM in my life," Hukum Singh said. The question which are being raised after the poor handling of the violence is, did Akhilesh Yadav simply not understand the seriousness of what was brewing in Muzafarnagar and why he has not yet named SP leader Rashid Siddiqui as an accused if others leaders who shared the same stage with him have been named in the FIR? Whether he should have taken the resignation of Azam Khan, Minister in-charge of Muzaffarnagar.

Meanwhile, If the government fails to arrest the leaders soon, it may lead to a bigger crisis for Akhilesh who made history by becoming the youngest Chief Minster of India's biggest state Uttar Pradesh.