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Sep 20, 2013 at 08:52pm IST

Muzaffarnagar riots: Violence ends but the scars remain

Muzaffarnagar: While politics continues over the communal violence in Muzaffarnagar, there is no end to the sufferings in the riot-hit area.

Out of the 50,000 people who have been displaced almost half are women and children who are silently suffering as they are trying to come to grips with their personal traumas.

"They burnt our homes, we have nowhere to stay," says a victim who had been forced to leave her home.

Among the several women who come out to pray at the Idgagh in the riot affected Kandla, there is a women who lost her one year old child while she fled from her house during the riots. The lady is battling the trauma at a relief camp where no one knows who she is or where she is from.

"Her child is missing after the riots, she just prays all day and searches for him," Coordinator at the Kangla Relief Camp Javed Hasan said.

Not just the lady but the riots have had an effect on several other women at such relief camps. Afroz whose husband has been missing from the village after communal violence broke out on September 7 has nothing left of her home or the dowry that she had collected for her two daughters over the years. Adding to her worries is the safety for her and her family that she has to battle with everyday.

"We are afraid of the Jats, we fear for our young daughters, anything can happen to Muslims in that village," Afroz said.

The victims have been been forced to live with the memories of the time when they saw their family being attacked with swords and guns in front of their eyes. "We were screaming, we could do nothing else," recalls Shabana

Reena who was almost 9 months pregnant when she fled her muslim dominated village and walked for 6 hours to reach the Sant Ravidas camp in Kamalpur gave birth to a premature son because of the strain. Reena claims that she and her son Kartik survived only because of the help and kindness of the people. But now is an uncertain future that awaits them.

Almost 100 villages in the district have seen an exodus to relief camps where every woman has a horror story to share. Sone have lost their husbands, some their children, some their homes and their lives. For the women of Muzzafarnagar, these riots have left a scar that will be hard to heal.