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Jun 19, 2011 at 09:50pm IST

MV Suez crew abandon ship, to be brought to Pak

New Delhi: Freed from Somali pirates, sailors of MV Suez continue to be on a nightmarish journey back home. They had to abandon ship after their fuel ran out and a tug boat failed to reach them due to bad weather. Earlier they were nearly hijacked by another group of pirates.

Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney said, "I want this to be a gift to India from the Burney trust - I love you all Indians, Pakistanis, I love human rights, human dignity."

Burney attempting to end the brief diplomatic row that flared up between India and Pakistan over the safety of the crew of MV Suez - who were released by Somali pirates recently after 10 months in captivity. This Sunday, all the 18 crew members of the ship - including 6 Indians - were transferred to the Pakistan navy's PNS Babur.

Sailor Ravinder said, "We have not been sent any help from our owner. The ship is in danger of sinking which is why we have decided to abandon it. The owner is not responding to our calls. PNS Babur is extending full support to us."

Captain of the ship said, "The sea is very rough and if the cargo shifts any further, the ship will be in danger. Our priority is to save the sailors, not the ship. We have informed the owner so that tomorrow he doesn't throw allegations on us and accuse us for abandoning the ship."

The sailors - will now sail on to Pakistan - from where Ansar Burney, who reportedly arranged the ransom to free the sailors - will dispatch them to their respective homes.

A happy home-coming for the sailors in a few days, and also it seems a closed chapter after the diplomatic war of words ended with New Delhi urging Islamabad to work together for the safety of the sailors.