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Aug 17, 2013 at 03:39pm IST

Narendra Modi is PM material, no one is better than him, says Sadhu Yadav

New Delhi: Congress leader Anirudh Prasad alias Sadhu Yadav reiterated his stand on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi saying he is the Prime Ministerial material. Speaking to CNN-IBN, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's enstranged brother-in-law said, "There is no one who is better than Narendra Modi. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is not even in the race for it, he is far behind."

His remarks came at a time when Rahul is likely to be projected as the Congress's Prime Ministerial candidate. Sadhu even dared the Congress to take action againt him. "Let the Congress take action against me, who is stopping them," he said.

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According to sources, the Congress is likely to expel Sadhu from the party for his remarks.

He met the BJP strongman on Friday and said Modi has better qualities to become Prime Minister than Rahul Gandhi.

"In comparison with Rahul Gandhi, I strongly believe that Narendra Modi has much better qualities to become Prime Minister of our country," Yadav had told media after his meeting with Modi at his Gandhinagar office.

"Narendra Modi is a powerful leader and today our country needs a powerful leader like Modi as Prime Minister," he further said. "If you compare Modi with Rahul Gandhi, I think Modiji is much better because he will come to your help immediately when you ask whereas you have to wait for three years for the appointment of Rahul Gandhi," Yadav had added.

Yadav, a former Rajya Sabha MP, who was accompanied by another Bihar Congress leader Dasai Chaudhary at the meeting, which took place at CM office at Gandhinagar, was in a defiant mood when asked about possible action from party chairperson Sonia Gandhi in the wake of his meeting. "Who is afraid of Sonia Gandhi? Is Sonia Gandhi running this country?

This country is being run by Manmohan Singh and tell me how many people know that Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister. Whereas every child in our country knows Narendra Modi," he had claimed. "I am not at all afraid of disciplinary action from Congress Party. Let them take action against me at their own peril.

If party takes action against me then do you think I will sit idly with my hands tied ?" he retorted. Sadhu Yadav, who had left Lalu's RJD before last Lok Sabha elections in 2009 to join Congress party, unsuccessfully contested from Bettiah Lok Sabha seat. "I was attending a family function of my friend at Gandhinagar. So I paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Minister," he had said.

"During our 40-45 minutes meeting he inquired about old politicians of Bihar and prevailing political situations in the state," said Yadav, who was accompanied by another Bihar Congress leader Dasai Chaudhary at the meeting.

Responding to a query, Yadav had said, "Yes, he also asked about Lalu Prasad Yadav. My meeting was purely a courtesy visit and no political meaning should be derived out of it," he added. Yadav, along with Dasai Chaudhary and two of Yadav's friends arrived in the city yesterday night to attend a function hosted by Sadhu's friend Vijay Yadav.

According to sources, on his arrival here in Ahmedabad Sadhu Yadav was approached by the CMO and had invited him for a meeting over tea today at the Chief Minister's office in Gandhinagar.