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Apr 09, 2013 at 09:10am IST

Narendra Modi pitches for more governance and less government

New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday came out strongly in support of less government and more governance while addressing the first Think India Dialogue of Network18. Speaking about the benefits of the government coming out of ornamental activities and concentrating on providing basic services, Modi said that such steps would not only reduce red tape but also win back people's faith which has been completely eroded over the last few years.

Lauding Network 18's initiative to introduce a platform for dialogue between opposing stands, Modi said that fruitful results can be reached through dialogue and "such measures yield positive results".

Pointing out that even though the government was omnipresent in India, Modi said that governance was lacking which resulted in people losing faith in the institution. "God is omnipresent and people have faith in god. Even government is present every where but there is no faith. People have more faith in private security agencies for their safety but not in the government machinery," the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said.

Elaborating on his views about more governance and less government, he said, "One thinks of size of government when we talk of minimum government. I do not share this view. I don't mean job cuts when I talk about minimum government."

"Government is about outlay and governance is about outcome. Governments in India only talk about outlay and not outcome," he said.

He went on to give his own mantra for better governance by saying that till now the talk has been about public-private partnership, but now the time had come to involve people also in it.

"The P4 model should be adopted. People-public-private partnership model is the need of the hour," he said.

Commenting on the way in which politics affects decision making power of the governments, he said that the priority for political parties and leaders in India is to win elections and remain in power. "All decisions are taken keeping an eye on the next election. Political parties are under pressure to avoid or delay decisions dues to elections," he added.

"The decision making process is affected by political pressure. which damages society's trust in government. Our entire decision making process is influenced by pressure from all quarters. This is a danger. It leads to deterioration of society as thenb people start taking the law into their own hands to get justice. It is unfortunate that people have lost faith in governments and the system," he said.

"People world over are god-fearing. They have more faith in god than in their government. Why is this? Because as I think, nature doesn't discriminate, unlike government," he added.

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