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Jul 28, 2007 at 03:03am IST

Report alleges NASA allowed drunk astronauts to fly

New Delhi: Space walking tells on astronauts in more ways than you can probably think.

An American aviation magazine has reported that astronauts are prone to heavy drinking before launch, and on at least two occasions, drunk US astronauts were allowed to fly.

NASA has confirmed the report and has said that they will investigate the incidents and provide reports on the same.

While no date was given as to when the incidents actually took place, the report, released on Friday at NASA headquarters in Washington read: "Some fliers have also made heavy use of alcohol within a half-day before liftoff, violating NASA's 12-hour 'bottle to throttle' buffer.

The report continued that alcohol was "freely used'' in crew quarters, citing interviews with flight surgeons and astronauts.

NASA managers could be hauled before Congress to answer claims that they ignored doctors’ advice and let space shuttle astronauts fly while drunk.

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