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Apr 14, 2013 at 11:32am IST

'Nautanki Saala': 10 witty one liners from the film

With a backdrop of theatre, Rohan Sippy's 'Nautanki Saala' is a typical slice of life film. The film draws attention to the ironies of life and talks about the struggle that theatre artists have to endure.

Ayushmann Khurrana plays RP, a director-actor who works on plays. Known for out of his way to help others, one fine night he saves a heartbroken Mandaar Lele (Kunal Roy Kapur) from committing suicide. RP gets Mandaar home and even offers him the lead role in his play, much to the latter's reluctance. What follows is a series of hilarious events where Mandaar fumbles and makes blunders on stage while RP convinces his producer that he is the right choice for the role.

We list out 10 witty dialogues from this slice of life film.

'Nautanki Saala': 10 witty one liners from the film

The film draws attention to the ironies of life and talks about the struggle that theater artists have to endure.

1 RP: Jo sachhai mein jhooth bolta hai use nautanki sala kehte hai

2 RP to Manaar: Maa ki horror film! Bachhe ki jaan lega kya?

3 A tall well built Mandaar tells RP: Meri nani ne paal pos ke bara kiya hai. RP gazes at Mandaar for a few seconds and replies : Good show.

4 Sign board outside Mandaar's grandmother's house: Kripya yahan bomb na phode, media wale bahut pareshan karte hain

5 Mandaar's grandmother to RP: Jo aur kuch nahi kar sakta woh actor hi to bannta hai. RP nods and mumbles: Aur jisko acting na aati ho woh director banta hai

6 A hassled producer tells RP: Director ka art producer ke heart pe attack hai

7 RP convinces a nervous Mandaar: Tum Ramayan ke Ram ho. Nidar leader ho tum!

8 RP tries to convince his play's producer to take Mandaar in his play by saying how Amitabh Bachchan was also rejected initially. The producer says: Agar woh Amitabh Bachchan hai toh main MGM ka loin hoon. Meow!

9 RP to Mandaar: Yeh theatre hai theatre, yaha tumhara drama nahi chalega

10 Counselor to RP: Life mein kabhi kabhi ek sorry hi kaafi hoti hai