Feb 05, 2013 at 06:17pm IST

Naveen Krishna turns an actor-director with his first film 'Lakshmi Bar'

Son of veteran Kannada actor Srinivasamurthy, Naveen Krishna is aiming to try his hands on direction sometime in the middle of this year.

The actor who has already written the script, screenplay and dialogues for his planned venture 'Lakshmi Bar' has been immensely appreciated by two producers.

Naveen to direct Kannada movie 'Lakshmi Bar'

Hvaing a six year background in film making, Naveen is expecting a lot from 'Lakshmi Bar'.

Hvaing a six year background in film making, Naveen Krishna is expecting a lot from his debut direction. And not to miss the actor has a pretty good name in the industry for all his past movie performances.

But some how it is only luck that is escaping from the hands of Naveen Krishna and he hopes for staying in people's memory for his roles.

Speaking about his personal take as an actor, Naveen clarifies, "Stardom is secondary for me but staying in people's mind with the kind of films i have done is primary".

Also, the actor has films like 'Agni Mushti', 'Anthapura', 'Vaidehi' and 'Bidalaare Endu Ninna' ready for a release this year. He has also co-directed 'Bidalaare Endu Ninna', the audio of which was released this Monday night.