Aug 08, 2012 at 06:47pm IST

Nayanthara is just a friend, says Simbu

Silambarasan Rajendar aka Simbu, is juggling between his projects and work. It's no longer news that Simbu and alleged ex-girlfriend, Nayanthara, have buried the hatchet. The star was recently spotted with her that paved way for rumors that something is being cooked between them.

"Nayan is a good soul, we're just friends and it's foolish to link us romantically. As professionals and people who shared an intense friendship, we still share the fondness for each other as people, we talk about usual things like films, common friends and our lives. We have both moved on and found peace in our lives, there's no bitterness," says Simbu clearing the air.

Speaking about his sudden bonding with Dhanush he says, "We're human too. Some things are blown out of proportion and that's sad. We're all young people, sometimes guided wrongly by few vested interests. Dhanush is an amazing person and Aishwarya is nice to me."

Nayanthara is just a friend, says Simbu

"Nayan is a good soul, we have moved on and are just friends, it's foolish to link us romantically" says Simbu.

"Whatever has been said or written doesn't count anymore", signs off Simbu.