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Jun 27, 2009 at 10:38am IST

NBA star Kobe Bryant interested in cricket

He is one of the world's most followed sportsmen and recently led his team, the LA Lakers, to yet another NBA title. CNN-IBN's Meha Bhardwaj, who was in Los Angeles for the NBA finals, spoke to Kobe Bryant only to discover he knows a thing or two about cricket as well.

"It's been a dream come true so far. It still feels like a dream, hopefully I am awake," Kobe Bryant said about winning the NBA title.

Meha Bhardwaj: What does being in the NBA mean for you and the fact that you are actually a global icon. It's not just fans here but all across the world who cheer you on when you are playing.

Kobe Bryant: It's funny because as kid growing up I started playing basketball when I was two years old. You play because you love the game and as you get older you see all the fortunate things that come along with it... being known globally, then being able to impact people in a positive all over the world. So it is pretty cool.

Meha Bhardwaj: When you were growing up who were your icon players you looked up to? Players you thought you would want to be?

Kobe Bryant: My favourite player was my father. My father played basketball so he was the one I looked upto and then watching Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon, Larry Bird and all those guys. I tried to idolise them.

Meha Bhardwaj: When we talk of India what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Kobe Bryant: I am not sure right now. Basically cricket. I have never played before and I am still trying to learn the rules. That's a sport I am pretty interested in.

Meha Bhardwaj: Would you like to visit India and maybe hold a clinic?

Kobe Bryant: I would love to. May be try to work something out. Last summer I was little busy with the Olympics. But we would try to work something out.

Meha Bhardwaj: What else do you do other than basketball? When Kobe Bryant is not playing basketball what does he do?

Kobe Bryant: I love going to movies. I love bungee jumping which can turn you. Let that's be our secret. I am a pretty adventurous guy.

Meha Bhardwaj: You said you like movies. Favourite actor? Favourite movie?

Kobe Bryant: Favourite actor of all time I would probably say is Denzel Washington. Favourite actress of all time I would say... Hilary Swank.

Meha Bhardwaj: What is the song that Kobe Bryant listens to when he wants to get charged up ahead of a big game?

Kobe Bryant: The artist that I listen to is my favourite artist Lil Wayne.

Meha Bhardwaj: Is there any message that you are going to give to the Indian public because they is a huge fan following of Kobe Bryant and LA Lakers?

Kobe Bryant: Well, hopefully I will see you soon. Keep following us. Hopefully we will win the championship this year and I would love to come and celebrate there.