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Feb 04, 2008 at 03:57pm IST

Nepal min helped Dr Kidney open a hospital

New Delhi More facts are tumbling out in the multi-crore kidney racket. Police sources have told CNN-IBN that three Turkish nationals had died during kidney transplant operations carried out by the key accused in the scam, Amit Kumar.

A man named Mehmood died in October 2003, and two othes — Ahmed and Ismat — died in 2005. In all three cases, death was attributed to cardiac arrest. The Turkish embassy had in fact sought a probe into the deaths in February 2006.

While Amit Kumar conducted the operations, his associate, Upendra, took care of the details, including disposing off the bodies.

All this was revealed during the interrogation of Upendra's driver Harpal.

Meanwhile, Upendra — who is also in police custody — has revealed that Amit Kumar owned a hospital in Nepal. He reportedly had help from a minister in the Nepal Government.

Upendra says Amit was scheduled to leave for Nepal on Januray 26 [Read Story]. One of his accomplices, a Turkish national named Kavita, had reportedly been waiting for his arrival in Nepal with five patients.

Last week, Upendra had claimed that Amit had connections with an MP from Haryana, and was also good friends with underworld don Chotta Shakeel. [Read Story]

Upendra also alleged of police complicity in the case. He had claimed that he was caught by the police early this year, but managed to get out by paying a hefty bribe. [Read: Cop-Doc Nexus]