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Jan 02, 2010 at 12:51am IST

Nepali student at FTII Pune deported

New Delhi: It's been a rude shock for Nepali student, Neetu Singh. A student at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Neetu was picked up from her hostel room by police on the night of December 5 and was deported to Kathmandu.

Police say she was indulging in anti-national activities, but her friends at the FTII are crying foul.

Neetu's batchmate, Priya says, "She's always been involved with her work and with cleaning and she used to generally sit in the library reading books. We have never felt anything anti-national about her in her behaviour or anything related to the Government of India."

NEPALI GIRL DEPORTED: Neetu has alleged that she was deported at the behest of her husband, Amresh Singh.

Neetu has alleged that she was deported at the behest of her husband, Amresh Singh, an influential Nepali Congress leader. And the secretive manner in which Neetu was deported has raised questions.

FTII Director Pankaj Rag says, "In the report that's been sent, not many details have been divulged since it is a high security matter. But she has been deported because it is high security issue."

The issue is unlikely to get over any time soon. The Home Ministry has sought a report from the Maharashtra Home Ministry. It feels that local authorities may have exceeded their brief. Meanwhile, the All India Democratic Women's Association has also stepped in. The organisation says Neetu's husband has been harassing her to quit the course at FTII.