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Oct 09, 2007 at 08:24pm IST

Never been to school; commentary comes to the rescue

New Delhi: A cricket fan from a border village in Barmer is attracting a fan following with his British-accented commentary for village cricket matches.

If you don't find anything out of the ordinary in this match, take a peek into the commentator's box. In the sand dunes sits Rabu Khan, who hasn't been anywhere near Oxford, but that has not stopped him from getting the accent right.

So just how did he learn it?

"I would quietly sneak out with the radio and go to the sand dunes with the sheep and camels where I listened to the commentary on the radio and learnt it, " says Rabu Khan.

When this twenty year old cricket buff is not playing cricket, he's on the job grazing his camel or ploughing the fields with his radio. Rabu Khan loves the commentator's microphone as much as he loves his camel. And he's got everything going for him. His facts are straight , he's tuned into his surroundings, and he even knows what to call Joginder Sharma.

But for all that cricket wisdom, Khan can't even spell school.

"I never went to school and I can't even write my name, " he says.

But Khan's fans don't really care.

Arshad Khan, one of Rabu Khan's fan from Sawa village in Barmer says, "I hope he gets a chance to do commentary on the big stage."

Though Khan is partial to the Queens language, he isn't bad with Urdu either.

Move over Ian Chappells and Ravi Shastris of the world, the desert's own Rabu Khan's all set to take over the commentators' box.