Dec 21, 2011 at 07:23am IST

New VHP leadership aims at Hindu empowerment

Kochi: The new VHP leadership aims at Hindu empowerment at micro and macro levels, said the newly elected VHP international working president Praveen Togadia on Monday. Togadia said the organisation will focus on Hindu empowerment in village, district, state levels and wider national issues.

He said that both Kerala and Tamil Nadu should resolve the Mullaperiyar dam dispute through dialogue as acts of violence will destroy the country. 

"Leaders of both states should sit together and resolve the issue. Hurting Keralites in Tamil Nadu and Tamilians in Kerala will only destroy the country’s federal fabric," Togadia said.

New VHP leadership aims at Hindu empowerment

Praveen Togadia said that both Kerala and Tamil Nadu should resolve the Mullaperiyar dam dispute through dialogue.

He also called for the intervention of the Union Government on the issue. Asked whether Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is being projected as the next prime minister candidate of the BJP, Togadia said, "Anybody can become the Prime Minister. Whoever comes forward to respect the sentiments of Hindus can become the prime minister. We do not support any individual, but we support ideology."

Togadia said the VHP will demand a Hindu Youth Job Security Bill just like the Food Security Bill or Right to Education Bill.

Asked about the ongoing anti-corruption movement by Anna Hazare, he said the VHP will extend support to any individual or groups who fight corruption. “We feel corruption is like 'cancer' which has to be removed. VHP does not differentiate between corruption in BJP or other parties."

The VHP would oppose the government's plan to provide reservation to Muslims from within the OBC quota, he said. Togadia also said VHP was for a complete ban on cow slaughter across the country.

The VHP is all set to expand the organisation to more than 1,00,000 villages by November 2015 for micro and macro levels. Togadia pointed out that only in India the majority community feels insecure.  The VHP has decided to expand its social services network in Tribal belts to ensure better education, health and empowerment to STs,  OBCs, SCs and nomadic tribes.

In the wake of increasing terror threats, the VHP will start a Nation Against Terror' movement.

In an official statement, the VHP pointed out that protecting Hindu. Human Rights abroad is important in the current global scenario.  

"VHP plans to create systems where children of people staying abroad can come to India to learn their cultural heritage."

Togadia was in Kochi to attend the three-day international meeting of VHP board of trustees that concluded on Sunday.