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Apr 02, 2008 at 11:37am IST

New Zealand board did an U-turn on me: Bond

New Delhi: Kiwi tearaway bowler Shane Bond is a disillusioned man these days. Despite a written agreement between him and the New Zealand board about joining the ICL, he is not being allowed to play International as well as domestic cricket in New Zealand. He shared his future plans with CNN-IBN's HImanshu Singhal.

Himanshu Singhal: The way your contract was terminated by the New Zealand cricket board, has it disappointed you?

Shane Bond: Yes, it was disappointing. I was hoping I could play for both ICL and my country, but it wasn't to be. I have got over it a little bit. Still, a little bit disappointed with the way it ended, but damn excited to be here.

Himanshu Singhal: It's a pity that players have been banned from playing domestic cricket, even English domestic cricket?

Shane Bond: Yes, it is. Cricketers are all professionals. I have been playing since I was five years old. And I have always dreamt about playing for New Zealand. And I worked hard for my club teams and also to my provincial team. And when that is taken away from you, that is disappointing. Even in ICL I think they want to play for their domestic teams and they want to play for India or other international teams. And I think they should have a right to do that.

Himanshu Singhal: Looking back do you think you could have done better without the injuries you sustained midway in your career?

Shane Bond: I don't know I could have done better or not. Maybe I would have taken more wickets and played for a longer time. I am pleased with my results. Injuries are there in the nature of sports. That has been a disappointing part of my career. But I would rather have played a handful of games for my country than none.

Himanshu Singhal: So where are you placed right now? Will you call yourself a self-employed professional rather than a contracted one?

Shane Bond: Even when playing for New Zealand we are described as self-employed individuals and individual contracted players. I am still based like that here in that regard in the ICL. When I get back home, I hope I can play some domestic cricket for my home province Canterbury and hopefully also for Hampshire.

Himanshu Singhal: Do you think you will be allowed to play in domestic cricket in New Zealand?

Shane Bond: The players so far have been allowed to play in the domestic cricket. Before I came here in the ICL I played in the domestic Twenty20 competition. I am not sure it will change the way it is changing in England. I hope it doesn't because I really enjoy playing domestic cricket.

Himanshu Singhal: There were also talks about you getting permission from the New Zealand cricket board to go ahead and play in the ICL but the board seems to have done a turnaround in events since then?


Shane Bond: Yes, they gave me permission to play and that's one of the reasons I am disappointed with the way it turned out. I had to go through a process to get permission from the board and they gave it to me and basically turned around after that and said you couldn't go. That is disappointing but I have moved forward from there and really enjoying being part of the Indian Cricket League, it's been terrific.

Himanshu Singhal: Do you believe you are beyond your peak or do you believe you can bowl faster than what you did earlier?

Shane Bond: I don't think I can bowl faster. I think I am a smarter bowler. For the last few years I have worked on some skills and I'm a more complete bowler. There are a few things I will like to add. When I feel there is nothing I can add and I have done enough, that is the time I should give up.

Himanshu Singhal: One dream that you will like to achieve or would have liked to achieve before you hang your boots as far as international cricket is concerned.

Shane Bond: I guess international cricket for me is finished now unless the landscape changes. I would have liked to have won a World Cup, I would have liked to have won a series in Australia or win a series here in New Zealand. I would have liked to play more Test cricket here (India) but I guess it's not going to happen now. I am just hoping that I can be a part of a team that wins. I still love winning, I hope I can win some tournament in the domestic cricket and win here in the Indian Cricket League as well.

Himanshu Singhal: You have been in India for quite some time. You must have followed the young Indian fast bowlers that have emerged in the past few months like S Sreesanth and Ishant Sharma. Do you think they have done enough in international cricket to prove themselves?

Shane Bond: I think they are good bowlers, there is no doubt in that. The likes of RP Singh and Sreesanth have been around for a while and Ishant sort of burst out onto the scene, international cricket is never easy and especially for a bowler because people get used to you. So you have to add new skills to your bowling. I think India are lucky that they have got a good collection of fast bowlers and if they can keep them fit, which is always a challenge for any bowler, they will do really well.

Himanshu Singhal: Fast bowlers are known for their tempers. And you were a tear away fast bowler but you were never known for your temper. You never had controversies when you were playing. What's your advice for S Sreesanth who seems to have a lot of temper problems?

Shane Bond: No, I like watching Sreesanth bowl. That was just me, that was my personality. Anger was inward, it was inside me. He however expresses his anger outwardly. The way you see Sreesanth expressing anger was probably me inside. I think sometimes expressing that anger and aggression can get the best out of you as a bowler but it is up to Sreesanth to realise how far to push it and that will come with experience. I like bowlers showing outward aggression.

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