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Apr 24, 2013 at 11:58pm IST

Newborn boy sold through Facebook, Delhi-based businessman booked

Chandigarh: A woman who gave birth to a baby boy on April 3 at a Ludhiana nursing home was soon after the delivery, told that her baby had not survived. Her father had sold the newborn to one of the nurses in the nursing home for Rs 45,000 and a bottle of liquor. Sensing something amiss when she was offered a share from the money, the mother complained to the police.

The police claim that the baby had been sold thrice. A lab technician Gurpreet Singh, who bought the infant for Rs 3.5 lakhs, put him up for sale on a social networking site. After receiving a confirmation of Rs 78 lakhs payment, Singh delivered the baby to a Delhi-based businessman. When the police found the baby, he was suffering from jaundice.

ACP Ludhiana Police Naresh Sharma said, "The kid's grand father had sold the kid. The mother was informed that the kid was born dead. They approached a nurse to sell the kid. The kid was later sold in Delhi."

Four persons, including the baby's grandfather and his accomplice along with the nursing home nurse and the lab technician have been arrested. The Delhi-based trader who coughed up that exorbitant amount for a male child, has also been rounded up and will be grilled by the Ludhiana Police soon.