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Apr 05, 2010 at 04:31pm IST

Nikah over phone, Net valid: Muslim board

Hyderabad: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board says any Nikah over telephone or Internet is valid, adding they feel sad for Sania who has been forced into a controversy.

Kamal Farooqi of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board told CNN-IBN: "Shoiab's Nikah over telephone to Ayesha Siddiqui is valid as per Muslim law. But I want to know why the Siddiquis didn't approach police until now."

"The FIR has been filed against Shoaib Malik and our country's law will take its action. It is very sad that Sania has gotten into this controversy. As far as the Nikah of phone or Net is concerned, it is valid in Muslim personal Law," he added.

Nikah over phone, Net valid: Muslim board

UNWANTED CONTROVERSY: Sania Mirza finds herself in a controversy involving his fiance Shoaib Malik.

However, Farooqui clarified if Shoiab's claim that a fraud is committed on him is true, the Nikah may not stand valid.

"As far as Siddique is concerned, they should have complained to the police right in the beginning. Why they were waiting for eight years," asked Farooqi. "As far as the current marriage is concerned that will also be valid."

"If at all Siddique wanted any redressal he could have approached the Darul ul Khaza. They could have approached the Ulema-e-Kalam in Hyderabad. We do not take suo moto action. If someone approaches us in Darul Khaza, we take the whole case, take it in totality and decide the case."