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Nov 14, 2007 at 09:01pm IST

India gets its first ice cream museum

New Delhi: Ice cream has come a long way from the time when it made Alexander the Great swoon. First commercialised in the 10th century AD and then sold at parlours in France, ice cream has now got its first museum in India.

Housed in the country's oldest fast-food outlet, Nirula's Ice Cream Factory, the museum is all set to give scoops on the swirl's history and trivia.

A recent study done by Nirula's has revealed that those whose favourite flavour is chocolate are naughty, full of energy and usually smile through all their troubles.

But if Vanilla - the highest-selling flavour in the world - gets your taste-buds tingling, then you are quiet and sincere.

The museum also shows how ice creams are made and visitors can even try and make one.

There is no entry fee because, for Nirula's, this venture is not about revenues but about brands.

For now, the the museum will throw its doors open only to children and that too, once a week. But as nearly half the ice cream produced in India is consumed by adults, it won't be long before Nirula's will give all ice cream addicts a chance to spoon in.

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