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Nitish Kumar assures Buddhists about security at Bodh Gaya

Press Trust of India
Sep 13, 2013 at 03:44pm IST

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, on Friday, assured Buddhist leaders that strict security measures have been taken to prevent a repeat of the July serial blasts at Bodh Gaya.

"The serial bomb blasts in the holy shrine and in Bodh Gaya on July 7 left us aghast. Nobody had ever imagined that somebody will attack a place known for giving a message of peace to the world," Kumar told a congregation of over 200 Buddhists from 39 countries at the Budha Smriti Park here.

"That was a warning. We took the incident very seriously and have taken security measures so that such things do not happen in future," Kumar said at the conclave being attended by Buddhists from US, Russia, Australia, UK, Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan and Germany.

Nitish Kumar assures Buddhists about security at Bodh Gaya

Nitish Kumar assures Buddhists about security at Bodh Gaya

Organised by the International Buddhist Council, the delegates include Mizutani Eikan and Reverend Kanikouie, both chief resident abbots from Japan.

Others were Maha Phong Samaluk, the sangharaja of Laos, Khamba Lama Dambajay, chief abbot of Mangolia, Delo Tulku Rinpoche of Russia, Tamba Ayusheed Panbido, supreme head of Russian Buddhists, Princess of Bhutan and Lama Lobzang, president of Asoka Mission.

Kumar said that the Buddhist congregation would send a positive message across the world about Bodh Gaya.


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