Sep 24, 2012 at 07:54am IST

No difference between spirituality and politics

“There is no difference between spirituality and politics today. Whatever maladies politics face, they are also met by spirituality,” noted economist and political commentator S Gurumurthy here on Friday.

S Gurumurthy was speaking at a function organised by the Satsang Foundation, Bengaluru, and Magenta Press, Karnataka, when a book titled ‘Imaya Guruvin Idhaya Seedan-Oru Yogiyin Suyasaridhai’ was released.

The book was a Tamil translation by Dr Umesh Chander Pal of the English title ‘Apprenticed to A Himalayan Master-A Yogi’s Autobiography’ penned by Sri M.

Sri M, a spiritual guru and founder of the Satsang Foundation, was born in Kerala as Mumtaz Ali Khan. At the age of 19, he set out for the Himalayas to scout for spiritual experiences.

Following several attempts, he finally found a spiritual mentor in Maheshwaranath Babaji and became his disciple.

The book was an attempt to picturise his spiritual journey starting from Kerala to the Himalayan caves.

Releasing the book, Gurumurthy said, “A man’s advaita knowledge cannot be understood through worldly knowledge.”

He recited portions from the book and explained the excerpts in the present day context.

“In this book, spiritual experience is shown from a totally different dimension. It has the views of Sanathana Dharma,” he told Express.

In his address, Sri M said, “Consider every disaster that happens to you as a teacher who helps you learn the realities. Even yogis are met with disasters. Through constant practice and dedication, one can climb up in the spiritual journey. If somebody offers a shortcut for spiritual experience, don’t believe that and understand it as another dimension of the consumerism of Kali yuga.”