No films! What are your options this weekend
Nov 08, 2012 at 06:17pm IST

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New Delhi: Indian film viewers would be a little less enthusiastic this weekend as no big Hindi film is hitting the screens, but that shouldn’t affect their zeal in a big way, because they can catch up with a lot of diverse activities.

The lovers of visual arts will get a chance to watch plays such as ‘Patangbaaz’, ‘Main Bhi Bachchan Maalum’ and ‘Bipolars’. Delhi and Mumbai are among the most active theatre circuits in India and spectators here do witness some good plays at limited intervals of time. Bhanu Bharti’s ‘Tughlaq’ has been appreciated in recent times.

Those who can’t live without watching films have one option in ‘It’s Rocking – Dard-E-Disco,’ however the promos of the film don’t look very promising. You will find Bappi Lahiri acting in the film. Hollywood will also make its presence felt with three releases, ‘Top Cat’, ‘Stolen’, and ‘Wreck-It Ralph’.

No films! What are your options this weekend

Don't let your mood dampen by the absence of films, there are several other activities that can cheer you up.

Though Diwali is four days away but this is the high time to start shopping for it, as you may not get a chance later because the festival is falling on Tuesday and Monday will be a working day for many.

They say books are the best friends to spend your solitude with. Oscar winner sound designer Resul Pookutty’s book ‘Sounding Off’ is out in the market, and you can relive his journey from a small town to the highest podium in the glamour world.

Have you tried your hands at ‘diya’ making? This is one art which can get you a lot of creative satisfaction as well as some money saving.

Check out the latest fashion trends in local markets and on TV. You will end up finding some exciting stuff at a very reasonable price, which surprisingly will be in sync with the high profile fashion shows. Also have a look at the latest gadgets.

Don’t let your mood dampen by the absence of films, there are several other activities available that can cheer you up. So, enjoy your weekend and build a good mood before Diwali celebrations begin.


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