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Nov 20, 2008 at 03:26pm IST

No rallies please, protest Bangaloreans

Bangalore: Citizens of Bangalore have decided enough is enough! The traffic menace is compounded by political rallies, the latest trigger being a JDS-led farmer rally in the IT hub of India.

Bangaloreans are quite used to traffic jams. But recently when a political rally organised by former CM Kumaraswamy's JDS stranded commuters on the roads for nearly six hours, the public outrage was unprecedented.

Upset citizens approached the Karnataka High Court, which in its authority has asked the state government to come up with a way to prevent this kind of eventualities.

"We have asked the police commissioner to study the whole thing and see how such situations can be avoided in future," said the state's Home Minister VS Acharya.

But the JDS instead of apologising, says that Bangaloreans have overreacted.

It says the rally was organised for the farmers and that their voices need to be heard even if some inconvenience is caused.

"Don't treat villagers and farmers like dirty people. Don't treat them like second class citizens. It is because of them that Bangalore is exists and Bangalore people are around," said spokesperson for JDS, YSV Datta.

But fed up with chronic traffic jams and politics there is only one message from the people of Bangalore.

Meanwhile, the citizens of the city have an appeal:

  • No public nuisance... there should be no political rallies in the city. This is holding people to ransom.
  • Look at the situation of the traffic, look at all the children and all the people who are inconvenienced to finally decide whether the citizens here have the right to protest!

With general elections on the horizon, the government would soon have to find ways to prevent political rallies from disrupting the city life.

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