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Jan 05, 2012 at 04:42pm IST

No threat of airlines being shut down: DGCA chief

New Delhi: Amidst the continuing financial woes of domestic airlines, the DGCA chief has said that there is no threat of any of the airlines being shut down. "There is no threat of any airline shutting down or their licences being cancelled," DGCA chief Bharat Bhushan said on Thursday.

He said that all airlines were financially weak, but the DGCA will ensure that this not affect air safety. "We have been in touch with all the airlines like Spicejet, Jet Airways and Indigo and we are ensuring that safety norms are ensured. We have asked them to come back in a few days and tell us what measures they will be taking," Bhushan said.

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A financial audit carried out by the the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has found that all carriers were in a financially sick state and suggested rather drastic remedies.

DGCA chief Bharat Bhushan said that the financial surveillance report states how financial stress can have ramifications on the safety of airlines like Kingfisher Airline and Air India Express.

The DGCA sources indicated that due to financial stress in Air India Express and Kingfisher Airlines, the maintenance of aircraft and other safety related measures could get affected. Sources indicated a similar worry for Air India Express, where financial stress is also compounded by low morale in its staff due to uncertainty.

Bharat Bhushan has emphasised that the DGCA is very strict about the issue of air safety regulations.

Kingfisher Airlines, in a statement, said, "This is an audit, which the DGCA carried out, which they can carry out on any airline, following which, the DGCA has submitted a list of questions to us which we are going to reply to at the meeting today. No inference can be drawn from this and Kingfisher is operating its scheduled services with utmost safety."

The DGCA chief met officials from Kingfisher Airlines on Wednesday over the issue and said, "Kingfisher will have to come back on Monday. All airlines are financially weak, we will ensure this does not affect the air safety regulation."