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Dec 28, 2012 at 09:13am IST

No trace of Biti Mohanty six years after being convicted for raping a German tourist

Bhubaneswar: One of the glaring examples of delayed justice for a rape victim is that of the case of a German tourist who was raped in Rajasthan in 2006 by her male companion Biti Mohanty, son of the then DGP (Home Guard) of Odisha police. It's been more than six years since Biti jumped parole after his conviction and there is still no trace of him.

In March 2006, Biti Mohanty was sentenced to seven years by a Rajasthan court for raping a German tourist. Eight months later, Biti, the son of the then DGP Home Guard in Odisha Police, jumped parole. His father BB Mohanty was accused of helping him and a non-bailable warrant was issued against him. Dramatically the DGP, too, went underground.

He surrendered in January 2008. But Biti remains untraceable while the police suspect he may have fled abroad. The last time CNN-IBN spoke to his father, he claimed he does not know his son's whereabouts and feared he may have committed suicide.

"I suspect that he is dead. Otherwise no son could have stayed hiding when his father and his family is going through such an agony," BB Mohanty had said in 2009.

As the controversy raged in the media, the Odisha government had insisted that the law would take its course. But little effort seems to have been taken to trace Biti. When CNN-IBN contacted the Odisha DGP, Prakash Mishra, he said, "I don't think Biti has gone abroad. It is not easy to go abroad. He must be hiding somewhere. This is an old case but we are constantly on the lookout for Biti Mohanty. There is no political pressure on us."

For six long years Biti has remained untraced, the victim has returned to her country. The system stands exposed for its inability to deliver justice.

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