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Apr 15, 2011 at 10:21am IST

Noida: Will Sonali Behl recover from trauma?

Noida: Days after the Behl sisters were rescued, 43-year-old Sonali remains critical. Her elder sister Anuradha died on Wednesday. One overpowering question remains - how could two women who seemed to be leading a normal life just months ago become like this?

Several questions revolve around their brother Vipin who had left home in 2007 after he got married. Anuradha's lawyer Rajneesh Yadav told CNN-IBN that she wanted Vipin to get a divorce.

Yadav said, "Anuradha Behl had met me once nearly two years back. She said her brother had been taken over by his wife. There is too much interference of her family in his life and she wanted to get them divorced. Lawyer said there is no such provision under law. She looked very distressed. She said she just wanted the brother to cone back and for them to live happily like before".

But could Vipin's marriage and his subsequent moving out from their house lead to this? Psychiatrists say one out of every 100 people in India suffers from some kind of a psychiatric disorder. If not cared for, they gradually enter into a shell of their own.

Dr Achal Bhagat, Psychiatrist, Apollo Hospital said, "At some point of time both the people seem to have had a psychiatric disorder and subsequent to that they have withdrawn into themselves. They have not been able to live with the social networks that were around them".

Doctors say they probably wanted to be helped but that help never came.

Neighbours said the Behl sisters had categorically told them to stay away. Even Vipin, when he met his sisters last in September 2010, was told not to come back.

Dr Jitendra Nagpal, VIMHANS said, "We know of doctors, engineers, CA's who have broken down into severe psychosis. But they all recovered because society was responsive, family was responsive."

So even as Sonali Behl tries to get back on her own feet, the question is, what kind of support will this woman get once she steps out of hospital?