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Aug 02, 2011 at 03:37pm IST

NDA nominated Kalmadi as CWG OC chief: Maken

New Delhi: After briefing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the CAG report, Sports Minister Ajay Maken has said that the nomination of Suresh Kalmadi as the Commonwealth Games chairman began under the NDA rule and he held former sports minister Vikram Verma responsible for signing the contract between India and the CWG Federation in India as a country.

In his statement in Parliament, Maken said that the bid document was submitted on May 14, 2003 and that the original bid had provided for the government appointee as the OC Chief.

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Speaking to CNN-IBN, Maken alleged that the NDA government gave the powers to the Indian Olympics Association (IOA) that allowed the body to appoint Kalmadi

"The NDA sports minister at that time will also have to answer a lot of questions," Maken said.

"We are not passing the buck. The NDA has a lot many questions to answer. The host city contract was signed and passed by them," Maken added.

Speaking on the action taken on the Shunglu report, Maken said that whatever loopholes were in the contract are being examined and some cases are being registered.

Earlier, sources in the Prime Minister's Office had also said that the present Prime Minister's Office had no hand in the decision to appoint Suresh Kalmadi.

But on the defensive the BJP had said that Vikram Verma had informed the NDA government that Suresh Kalmadi was to be made the Vice-chairman of the committee and not the Chairman.

The CAG report on the CWG Scam blamed the PMO for the appointment of Kalmadi as the CWG chief.

Questions have been raised against the PMO for overlooking concerns raised by former sports ministers Mani Shankar Aiyar and Sunil Dutt against Kalmadi.

CAG sources had said that intentional delays caused by Kalmadi led to high expenses.

The CAG report also indicted the Delhi government agencies for excessive spending in the beautification of the city.

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