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Dec 01, 2012 at 11:03pm IST

Norway child row: Charges against couple false, allege relatives

Hyderabad: The criminal charges slapped against an Indian couple in Norway by police of "gross or repeated maltreatment" of their children are false, their family said on Saturday. Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni, a software professional from Andhra Pradesh, and his wife Anupama have been remanded in custody and a judgement will be given in Oslo District Court on December 3.

Their seven-year-old son was found wetting his pants in the school bus which was reported to his father, who in turn "threatened" the child that he would be sent back to India if he repeated that again. "It might be a false allegation (criminal charge) that they (police) are framing... I don't accept that," Chandrasekhar's nephew V Sailender told reporters after meeting Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy in the evening.

Shailandra along with Anupama's father Veera Bhadra sought Reddy's help to speed up the process of talking to the Norwegian government. "We are not going in a negative way. We are going in positive way. We are hoping the best from the government, best from the lawyers and best from the neighbours," he said.

Norway child row: 'Charges against couple false'

Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni and his wife Anupama have been remanded in custody and a judgement will be given on December 3.

According to him, Reddy informed the family members that the chief secretary has already written a letter to the Centre seeking help. Veerabharda said it is becoming difficult to convince his grandsons (sons of Chandrasekhar) as they are insisting on seeing their parents and not eating food.