Mar 24, 2012 at 01:01pm IST

Not involved in any land-grabbing scam: Genelia D'Souza

She is known for her bubbly roles in films like Bommarillu, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and her latest film Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. And now, Genelia D'Souza will be seen romancing Rana Daggubati in Telugu film Naa Ishtam. Not only is she hoping for the film to do well, but also become her fifth hit for the year.

"It is a big bonus to be a part of five film industries at one time. Starting from 2011, four (two in Hindi, one in Tamil and Malayalam each) of my films have come out and done well. If Naa Ishtam does well, it will be my fifth consecutive hit film and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the same," shares an optimistic Genelia, who finally came out in the open to talk about her film.

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More from the actress herself:

Not involved in any land-grabbing scam: Genelia

Genelia with husband Riteish

A selfish love story?

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Naa Ishtam is a love story. But what is different about it is that the director has focused a lot on characterisation — be it Rana's or mine, or any other character in the film. I play the role of this girl called Krishaveni — she is a selfless person, who is in search of love. Naa Ishtam not only revolves around the love story of the couple, but also tries to explore and find out the meaning of 'being selfish' — at times, when someone's trying to be honest about speaking their mind, it may come out as a selfish behaviour. This, and a lot more has been explored in the film.

Rana in his dancing shoes

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Working with Rana was like working with a buddy on sets. It is always fun to work with him. And, Naa Ishtam will be the first film where Rana will be seen dancing. I thought he was really good, and he totally surprised me with his dancing skills. I am sure the audience will enjoy watching Rana dance.

No time to romance

My life post the wedding seems pretty much the same. Probably because there is work that is keeping both Riteish and I busy. But, after I am done with my work, and Riteish gets done with Housefull 2, we will go for a vacation and spend some time together (smiles). I just feel very lucky having married my best friend. The only thing that will probably change after my marriage is that I will not work as much. Earlier I used to work 365 days, but that number will go down now.

Upcoming projects

In Hindi, I am working on this film titled Rock the Shaadi. Nothing else for now.

Baseless rumours?

I have not received any papers or statement that says that I am involved in any land-grabbing issue. The only way I got to know about it is through newspapers. All those rumours about my involvement in a land-grabbing scam are baseless. Neither am I a brand ambassador of Anjaniputra Infrastructure Private Limited (a real estate firm in the city), nor am I on their board of directors. I had just done one shoot for them, and nothing else. It is time that people get responsible about what they write. I am not involved in any land-grabbing scam.