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May 12, 2013 at 01:27pm IST

Not surprised with BJP's loss in Karnataka: LK Advani

New Delhi: Days after Congress's sweeping victory in Karnataka, senior BJP Leader LK Advani in his blog has called his party's decimation in the state a matter of no surprise. In his latest blog post, Advani wrote, "I feel sorry that we have lost in Karnataka. But I am not surprised. The surprise would have been if we had won. It's a profound lesson for the BJP and Congress, let's not take the common man for granted."

Advani also wrote about BS Yeddyurappa in his blog. "Let me point out that BJP did not throw out BS Yeddyurappa; it is he who broke away from the BJP and decided to form a factional party of his own, the KJP. In fact, when it became apparent that he was unabashedly indulging in corruption, if the party had immediately taken firm action, the course of events would have been quite different," wrote Advani.

On Saturday, Advani had hit out at Manmohan Singh alleging he is defending Ashwani Kumar to save himself in his blog. Having decided to brazenly defend its two ministers, more particularly its Law Minister, whose dropping from the government would have made the PM's continuance untenable, the government adjourned Parliament sine die two days ahead of schedule on May 8 instead of May 10," he said in his latest blog posting titled 'The Emperor has no clothes'.