Aug 10, 2012 at 06:35pm IST

Rakesh Adiga to play the villain in 'Notorious'

Actor Rakesh Adiga is getting offers for the roles that are beyond his age. A sensible performance in 'Josh, produced SV Babu and directed by Shivamani has given Rakesh a solid position. And now he is quick to grab roles in Kannada cinema.

Rakesh is a lead actor in 'Ayodhyepuram', a controversial film in which he appeared in Sri Rama get up. He will be seen in 'Yaare Koogadali', in a negative role. The film stars Puneeth Rajakumar and Yogish in the leads. 'Yaare Koogadali’ is a remake of 'Poraali'.

Rakesh has signed another film 'Notorious', which to will have him in a negative role. Gururaj is making debut as producer and JJ as director from 'Notorious'. The film muhurut was held without much publicity.

Rakesh Adiga to play the villain in 'Notorious'

Rakesh Adiga of 'Josh' fame will play negative roles in 'Yaare Koogadali' and 'Notorious'.

"This is a thriller cum suspense film" says Rakesh. The comedy in the 'Notorious' film is another interesting factor in it .Top comedy actors Raju Thalikote, Sadhu Kokila are part of the film. Dhanush is making debut as a cameraman