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Sep 16, 2013 at 09:05pm IST

NRI youth death: Anmol's parents search for answers

New Delhi: Two days after the mysterious death of NRI student Anmol Sarna in South Delhi, his parents were still searching for answers. They clearly blamed his friends with whom he was partying on Friday night.

There has been no leads in the investigations into the murder of NRI student and the final post mortem report is also awaited. Police sources said the investigations suggest heavy drug use by Sarna and his friends, but they were not sure what led to his death.

His mother said, "Anmol said make butter chicken, I will return home soon. But he never came back."

His father said he did not want to go to the party, but they called him incessantly. His father said, "I don't know what exactly happened but I think it is a planned murder. His friends are involved. I don't know whether one of them is responsible or all of them but this was planned. We want justice for our son. We want whoever is involved to be brought to justice."

His mother also appealed to people to come forward and help them.

The investigation for the moment suggested that it was a party that went horribly wrong. It suggested that both Anmol and four others were heavily under the influence of drugs. But there's no explanation yet at to why Anmol was spotted running about in the neighbourhood prior to his death.

The police sources indicated that there's no strong strong evidence against Anmol's friends. Initial postmortem finding said injuries on the body are consistent with being 'hit by a blunt object'. The police have been probing as to whether Anmol banged his head on a wall or was hit.

The DCP (south east) said they were awaiting final postmortem report. "No one has been given a clean chit. Initial probe revealed that they were doing drugs," he said.

The police are still trying to probe what exactly happened that night. Investigators said both the victim and the suspects are under the influence of drug

While Anmol's family and friends were trying to come to terms with the tragedy, initial findings point to the dark underbelly of drug taking in the national capital.