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Nov 29, 2008 at 12:44am IST

NSG commandos receive a rousing welcome

Mumbai: NSG commandos received a rousing welcome from the locals when they came out from the Nariman House after killing two dreaded terrorists, who had holed themselves in the building along with five hostages.

When the commandos came out after the successful mission, they were greeted with cheers, claps, pats on shoulders and patriotic slogans filling anyone's heart with pride.

'Bharat Mata ki Jai, Vande Mataram' reverberated the narrow lanes of the area after the unit came out after a gruelling 12 hours long final assault on the terrorists.

BLACK CAT HEROES: The NSG commandoes are a highly trained force that rises to rescue in crucial hours

The crowds gathered outside the building came running towards the unit as they came out, drawing smiles on the battle-weary commandos' faces going towards the waiting BEST buses.

The roofs and balconies were full as men and women waited with bated breath for the soldiers to come out after finishing the ordeal.

The tiredness along with the sorrow of losing two of their men was palpable on their faces but more than that it was joy of achieving their target and accomplishing what was termed as most watched anti-terror action of the country.

Their disciplined demeanour did not let them mix up with the crowds.

Carrying their sophisticated weapons, some of them with their gear in hands tried to keep themselves calm amidst the cheering crowd.

Following NSG were troupes of Army, Mumbai Police and RAF who were also welcomed by the crowds.

Some enthusiasts were seen approaching the force and getting a picture clicked with them just like with any Bollywood celebrity.

More than 500 people surrounded the bus which was carrying the team of commandos and raised anti-Pakistan slogans till it moved away.

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