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Nov 04, 2008 at 03:31pm IST

Obama, McCain both good for India: Tharoor

New Delhi: The US Presidential elections will be deciding its future leader by tomorrow. As the world watches in anticipation for the fate of the world's most developed democracy, India's concern among them seem to be crucial and genuine.

CNN-IBN’s correspondent Anrirudh Bhattacharya spoke with former UN Under Secretary-General Shashi Tharoor on both the candidates. Tharoor described Democrat Barack Obama as a JFK-like figure but said either candidate would be good for India.

Anrirudh Bhattacharya: What would either of the US presidential candidates’ win mean to India?

Shashi Tharoor: Both McCain and Obama will be good for India.

Any American administration will take up the three important issues, namely the level of US investment in India, increasing trade with India, and the significant presence of Indian Americans which play a big role in Indo-US relations these days.

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