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Nov 04, 2008 at 11:21pm IST

Obama says his grandmother has gone home

Virginia: Forty eight hours before Barack Obama may seal the greatest political victory of his career, the democrat presidential candidate has suffered a great personal loss. Obama lost his grandmother to cancer on Monday.

“She has gone home. She died peacefully in her sleep, with my sister sitting beside her. It's a great joy, but there are tears. I won't talk long about this because it difficult to talk about this,” says Democrat pres candidate, Barack Obama.

Speaking at a rally in North Carolina, Obama remembered his 86 year old maternal grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham who helped raise him from the age of 10, when his own mother was away working in Indonesia.

“Mothers, fathers, grandparents who sacrifice so much to take care of their children who draw satisfaction from seeing their children and grandchildren lead a better life,” Obama adds.

Obama also made an emotional 22-hour trip to Hawaii to visit her on October 23 and 24, when her health had begun to deteriorate. Behind this successful politician, is a proud grandmother, who has fate would have it, did not live to see the day her grandson could become the first African American to win the nation's highest office.

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