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Nov 05, 2008 at 09:21pm IST

Obama’s village in Kenya celebrates

Kenya: Obama mania in Kenya has reached a new high. The village of Kogelo, moments after Barack Obama was declared the winner in the US presidential race celebrated his victory.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has congratulated the US president-elect on his victory. He has also designated Thursday as a public holiday for Kenyans to celebrate the "historic achievement."

Meanwhile, in the ancestral village of Barack Obama's father, the entire family, including Barack's grandmother woke up before dawn to watch the first polls results on TV.

“I am very happy so much that i can die of happiness. I want to advise him to work well and work for world peace,” says Obama’s grandmother, Sarah Onyango.

His cousin Hielda Obama and other members of the Luo tribe, will never forget this day when Kenya's favourite son did the country proud

They sing and dance to the Obama song, their songs hail Obama as a Luo hero to be emulated. Many have high expectations of the man they call their own.

“That air force one will be coming to kisumu very soon so they want the airport to be upgraded to that international level,” says DJ Nicholas Omondi.

The celebrations don't end there. Obama's Kenyan family will be holding a grand feast for the entire village. 4 bulls, 16 chicken, assorted goat and sheep will be slaughtered and served to guests. Food to honour a champion, or in this case an American president.