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Sep 19, 2012 at 11:40am IST

Odisha doctor stabbing case: 'Victim' refuses to speak, police clueless

Bhubaneswar: In a curious incident, a surgeon in Bhubaneswar's Apollo Hospital sustained injuries in his abdomen near the hospital's operation theatre on Tuesday afternoon amidst allegations that he had been stabbed by a fellow doctor.

The incident became even more mysterious after it was revealed that the hospital authorities did not report the matter to the police, with the local police station reacting only after the media began making inquiries.

The injured doctor, Dr Nayan Ranjan Nanda later spoke in contradictory terms. First accepting he was stabbed, minutes later he claimed that the injuries were the result of an accident.

Hospital sources said they did not report the matter to the police as the doctor had made no complaints about the incident.

The injured doctor's colleagues, meanwhile, said that there were reports about Dr Nanda's differences with another colleague, Dr Pramod Patra, but that there was no further conclusive ground to assume that the incident was connected.

The injured doctor added to the mystery by refusing to speak about Dr Patra.

The police, meanwhile, are yet to register a case and have maintained that a detailed probe would reveal what exactly happened inside the Apollo Hospital.