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Jan 08, 2013 at 08:43am IST

Odisha rape survivor says police lack will to probe, cites Biti Mohanty's example

Bhubaneswar: In 1999, she was gangraped on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar by three local goons. The CBI took the case, but the prime accused was never arrested. While the other two accused were convicted, the rape survivor believes the inability of the police to apprehend rape accused and escaped rape convicts like Bitti Mohanty just encourage violent crime against women. Biti Mohanty is a rape convict and the son of a former Odisha DGP, who jumped parole six years ago and is still absconding.

The gangrape victim said, "Of course Odisha government knows where Biti Mohanty is and I am experiencing the same failure of the Odisha police for so long. I can identify myself with the trauma and pain of the victim in Biti Mohanty case." In March 2006, Biti Mohanty was convicted for raping a German tourist he had befriended - eight months later he jumped parole.

Biti was the son of then Odisha DGP BB Mohanty. Rights activists allege that the Odisha police is reluctant to trace Mohanty. Human rights activist and lawyer Praveer Dash said, "Odisha police is not pursuing this case seriously. There is lack of political will to take action just because his father was a senior police officer."

Former senior police officials also believe that the Rajasthan and Odisha police have not put in a sincere effort. Former DGP, Odisha SN Tewari said, "There are several simple methods like tracking his passport and monitoring the telephones that can give lead to find Biti. It's the Rajasthan police which should take help of the Odisha police."

Biti's father, former DGP BB Mohanty was suspended for allegedly helping his son jump parole, only to be reinstated mysteriously by the Odisha government in May 2009. A year later he retired with all benefits - maintaining that his escaped son might be dead. He said in 2009, "When we are going through so much of suffering and he is still not coming back, there is every reason that he might be dead."

Each year the Odisha Chief Minister and Odisha police give their standard reply on the Biti Mohanty case - that the law will take its own course, without making any visible effort to trace an escaped rape convict.