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Sep 16, 2008 at 07:59pm IST

R Madhavan stars in 3 Idiots

Actor R Madhavan was last seen in the widely acclaimed Mumbai Meri Jaan and now he's all set to hit the big screen with 3 Idiots. In an interview with CNN-IBN the actor talks about his forthcoming film and his love for blogging.

CNN-IBN: Your performance in Rang De Basanti, Guru and the most recent Mumbai Meri Jaan, got good reviews, as did the films themselves. So do you feel the Hindi audience is appreciating you more in this second phase?

R Madhavan: I think the level of appreciation has been very flattering throughout.

CNN-IBN: Not many know that you were probably the earliest actor to have started blogging with your blog - My Diary.

R Madhavan: I'm surprised you know about it.

CNN-IBN: Do you still blog, and why didn't you publicise it?

R Madhavan: I started my blog which was called My Diary in 2000 - almost nine years ago. And though it received a great amount of response, I wasn't able to be honest to it for a great amount of time.

My shooting schedule took me to places where I couldn't communicate as I couldn't get an Internet connection for days at a stretch. A blog is always good when you write it fresh out of your experience, but for me it started becoming a contrived effort. I didn't want to publicise it because it was meant for people who really wanted to know what I was doing. It wasn't meant for my publicity.

CNN-IBN: Your also are a part of one of the most widely anticipated films - 3 Idiots. What really drew you to the film?

R Madhavan: I think what really drew me to the film was that I could relate to it. It's my story. Every child who has grown up in a small town and has been to school and college, knows the pressure of education. And it's their story. When I read the book I felt the pages have been puled out of my story.