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Oct 20, 2009 at 04:04am IST

Omar bats in favour of cricketer in RDX row

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir under 22 cricketer Pervez Rasool who was questioned mistakenly by Bangalore police for suspected RDX traces on his bag on Sunday, got some support from his Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, who warned that Kashmiri youth must not be victimised because of prejudice.

Omar Abdullah said, " I wonder if the response would have been different of the police if these youngsters had not been from Kashmir, if they had been from some other part of the country. It is so easy to see young Kashmiris as terrorists.”

Meanwhile, young Kashmiri cricketers are aghast over the Pervez Rasool incident and they are saying that cricket should be spared from politics and controversies.

However, there is more to the controversy than a Kashmiri Muslim's victimization.

The bomb detecting machine that set off the alarm is privately installed by the Karanata State Cricket Association (KSCA) and could have been faulty though the Bangalore commissioner denies the fact.

Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari said, “KSCA is a responsible association, they have in bonafide faith engaged a security agency, unless we get something in contrary from an expert, we should not speak like that.”

But that still doesn't explain how the bag that went through four airport checks before reaching Bangalore, didn't set off any alarms and leaves many questions unanswered.

  • Was Rasool a victim of a long-standing tension between KSCA and Bangalore police?
  • Did the police act in haste by arresting Rasool and talking to the media?
  • Was Bangalore Police trying to assert its authority by forcing KSCA to delay the match?

With just days to go for the CK Naydu tournament, the J&K team surrounded in controversy is trying hard to get its focus on some match practice but the real focus now will be on the forensic report which will come out n the next two days.