Feb 22, 2013 at 07:18pm IST

'Onbathula Guru' to star Tamil actor Vinay Rai in a key role

Undoubtedly when there is stardom, there sure is a deluge of rumours. That ranges from the Bachchans of B-town to even the choreographers in K-town, there are only a handful of celebrities who haven't gotten their hands dirty of buzz.

Now, it is Vinay's turn, and so is Laksmi Rai's, as the both of them were assumed to be in love with each other.

The two are acting in the film 'Onbathula Guru', and Vinay had to tackle a lot of questions on this scuttlebutt, until he came out in the open with a statement, "I'm not in love with Lakshmi Rai. We were acting just as characters in the film".

'Onbathula Guru' to star Tamil actor Vinay

Actors, Vinay and Laxmi Rai who are currently working in' Onbathula Guru' are in news due to their link up rumours.

Along with the two in trouble, Premgi Amaren and Aravind Akash are also part of the cast crew. 'Onbathula Guru' is directed by PT Selvakumar, and is scheduled to release in the month of March.

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